Our Aims

“Primitive Christianity Revived!”

Friends in Christ

(Primitive Quakers)

 Our aims are:

  • To help bring people to the feet of Jesus Christ, the Word, the Son of God, their Saviour.
  • To publish the cause of primitive Christianity.
  • To promote Christian Love and Fellowship, Unity and Order in the Church, and Harmony among our fellow men.
  • To help build the Redeemer’s Kingdom here on earth.
  • To proclaim the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ, who is come to teach His people Himself, and who will fulfil His promise to be amongst those who are gathered in His name, effective in all His many offices.
  • To seek the community and fellowship of all those who truly love the Lord and wish to make a stand for Christ Jesus in this day and generation through the faith, testimonies, and witness that all true Friends have held since the beginning.
  • To encourage all people to look to the Light which is the Life of men, which shines in the darkness, and a measure of which unquenchable Light is given to all humankind for them to profit by, if they will look to that Light, which is Christ Jesus who said “Learn of me”.
  • To encourage all people to meet together, in humble, expectant, waiting worship, so that the Lord will come to them to fulfil His promises.
  • To make it known to all people that the Church, of which Jesus Christ is the sole, eternal, ever-present, effective Head, is to be the same now as it was in the apostles’ day, and that His Holy Spirit is as active in that Church now as it ever was.

We do not boast of ourselves, nor preach a message of “denominationalism”, but we bear witness to the living Lord Jesus Christ, to whom we are drawn by the Holy Spirit, to have fellowship with Him and with the Father and with each other. This we would gladly share with the whole world!





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