Friends in Christ are a small group of Primitive Friends (Plain Quakers) in the United Kingdom, with some adherents and sympathisers in other countries. We are quite independent and separate from Britain Yearly Meeting.

Our basis is: To seek the community and fellowship of all those who love the Lord and wish to make a stand for Christ Jesus in this day and generation through the faith, testimonies, and witness that all true Friends have held since the beginning. We try to live our lives in complete allegiance to Christ, as did the first Friends over 350 years ago. Like them we witness against all forms of violence and cruelty, whether it be vain and cruel sports, cruel farming practices, animal circuses, vivisection, slavery, war, abortion, execution, personal assault, etc. We feel that all these things are contrary to the Spirit of Christ by which we are guided. We believe we are called to live an honest, morally upright, plain, unsophisticated, simple, and humble way of life, devoid of luxury, greed, extravagance, and exploitation, and that we must try to live in harmony with the creation. We believe that within each person is a tiny seed of the Divine. God has given us a free will so that we can chose to ignore this seed and let it lie ungerminated; or we can hearken to the still small voice of God within, which is the prompting of the Holy Spirit, and let the inward light of Christ shine within us and guide us to a better way of life. Christ who is come a light into the world, shows us our darkness, brings us to repentance, frees us from sin, unites us to him and to one another, and enables us to live in obedience to him.

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